Choosewell is an award winning Health Insurance Comparison Broker service.

Choosewell Health Link Pty Ltd is an Australian health insurance comparison broker service. Based in Melbourne, our experienced team of advisors save you time, money and hassle by helping you compare a selection of appropriate health insurance policies for your staff.

We work with a wide range of trusted health funds to give our customers real choice and value.


Why provide a corporate health insurance plan?

Providing employees with access to a Corporate Health Insurance Plan makes sense for a range of reasons – from improved retention to increased security and ready access to affordable health care – all of which can impact on the employer’s bottom line.

Reduced absenteeism
Reduced staff turnover
Employee morale and wellbeing
Protect your greatest asset

Since 2009, Choosewell advisors have benefitted our employees in finding the best suited health insurance to suit their needs.

Richard Watkins

Human Resources

Choosewell advisors have played an important part in assisting our employees with finding the right health insurance cover


Human Resources

WOMO service awards received since 2012

Choosewell’s corporate health plan and its advantages can usually be provided at no cost to the employer.