Corporate Health Insurance for Major Employers

Corporate Health Insurance Plan makes you an employer of choice.

Employers are increasingly in competition with others to attract and retain quality people. Introducing a Corporate Health Insurance Plan can form an important part of an organisation’s strategy to remain an attractive option for employees and continue to be regarded as an employer of choice. The provision of a Corporate Health Insurance Plan also cuts costs by allowing ill or injured employees – who might otherwise rely on the public hospital system for treatment – get back to work sooner.

Benefits for Major Employers

Unlike Health Funds that continually look for an easy option, Choosewell recognises that employers should receive ongoing recognition for providing employees with access to the many benefits of corporate health insurance. That’s why we have developed a range of Corporate Health Insurance Plan models that provide exceptional value to employees and ongoing recognition for the employer.

Choosewell is a specialist corporate health insurance broker, offering a range of innovative Corporate Health Insurance Plan models to major employers from a number of health insurers – all capable of providing your employees with real peace of mind and meaningful health cover savings.

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We’ll talk to you about what you want to achieve and then provide you with a detailed proposal explaining how a Corporate Health Insurance Plan can provide cost savings at your workplace and cut the cost of health insurance for your employees. And because we are remunerated by the Health Insurers as part of their distribution costs, there is usually no cost to you for our services

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Choosewell’s corporate health plan and its advantages can usually be provided at no cost to the employer.