Corporate Health Insurance

Why provide a corporate health insurance plan?

Providing employees with access to a Corporate Health Insurance Plan makes sense for a range of reasons – from improved retention to increased security and ready access to affordable health care – all of which can impact on the employer’s bottom line.

Reduced Absenteeism

Employees who rely on the public hospital system have no guarantee of being treated when they want, and can be experience lengthy waiting times for treatment. This all adds up to time spent away from the workplace which can impact on productivity. Introducing an employer supported corporate health insurance insurance plan can help reduce the impact of illness or injury by providing prompt access to private health care and enabling a return to work in the shortest possible time.

Reduced Staff Turnover

Many employers experience high levels of staff turnover – which can be disruptive and costly. Employees may be less likely to move on if they have access to a comprehensive benefits package which includes access to a corporate health insurance plan. Introducing an employer supported corporate health plan is one of the more established and proven ways of providing an incentive to stay.

Employee Morale and Wellbeing

Private health cover provides peace of mind for employees and their families. Waiting for health care treatment can be a stressful time, often making employees less productive and less motivated. With private hospital cover, employees can enjoy greater security knowing that should they or a family member require treatment, quality private health care is available and affordable.

Protect your greatest asset

Employees are the greatest asset of any organisation, yet are sometimes overlooked in terms of insurance. Loss of employees, whether due to illness or turnover, can dramatically impact on the employer’s performance and ultimately their bottom line. Providing employees with access to a supported corporate health insurance plan sends a clear message that the employer values and cares for employees. This can enhance employee loyalty, confirming the employer’s position as an employer of choice.

Whether you are a SME or major corporate, we’ve got you covered.

Choosewell works closely with our corporate clients to tailor the best plan for your employees. And because we are remunerated by the Health Insurers as part of their distribution costs, there is usually no cost to you for our services.

Major Employer
Choosewell’s corporate health plan and its advantages can usually be provided at no cost to the employer.